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Performance Monitoring and IT Operations Analytics for All Applications and infrastructure, All the Time, In Real Time

The ExtraHop platform is a passive network appliance built to provide correlated, cross-tier visibility for all applications and infrastructure. ExtraHop automatically discovers, classifies, and maps applications and systems and their relationships, delivering immediate value out of the box and providing application-level visibility with no agents, configuration, or overhead.


With real-time analysis of application and user transactions across the network, web, application, virtualization, database, and storage tiers, ExtraHop accelerates troubleshooting efforts, proactively warns of potential problems, and gives IT Operations teams the complete visibility they need to make better and faster decisions.


ExtraHop leads the IT Operations Monitoring category in price, performance, and functionality. A single ExtraHop appliance delivers a sustained 20Gbps of throughput—the fastest and deepest analysis in the industry. What used to require multiple products from different vendors, invasive agents, separate reporting servers, and separate storage can now be done with a non-invasive, all-in-one platform.


L2-L7-Content Analysis

Application wire protocol analysis at the

transaction level for clients, applications,

middleware, databases, virtualization, network

storage, and directory services


Device Auto-Discovery

Automatic discovery, classification, and mapping

of all physical and virtual devices, clients, and

applications communicating over the network


Advanced TCP Analysis

Simulation of the TCP state machines of

endpoints, enabling the most-advanced and

insightful TCP analysis in the industry


Enterprise Scalability

Analysis for more than 400,000 HTTP

transactions per second, with bulk decryption at

20Gbps and 35,000 SSL handshakes per second for

2048-bit keys


Application Inspection Triggers

Simple and extensible means to rapidly define

custom metrics of anything in the header or




World and regional maps to answer questions

such as where are

Solution Bundles

Prebuilt, extensible solution bundles support

specific applications like SharePoint, ActiveSync,

and Citrix VDI, and encourage sharing among

ExtraHop’s operational intelligence community


Application Activity Maps

Automatically generated maps showing

relationships and dependencies between systems,

servers, and applications


Trouble Groups

Pre-built intelligent rules immediately expose

common acute and chronic problems


Sophisticated Alerting Engine

Built-in advanced alerting engine supports both

threshold-based alerts and trend-based alerts,

avoiding false positives and creating a framework

for smart baselining


Rich Web User Interface

A rich web UI enables users to start at a high- level

overview and drill into transaction-level details


One-Click Reporting

Instant, one-click PDF reporting capability as well

as customized scheduled reports


Customized Dashboards

Summary views of important metrics for selected

applications, including SLA compliance, request

volume, and response times



ExtraHop provides demonstrated

results throughout the application and infrastructure lifecycle:


• Auto-Discovery—Maintain a constant and accurate picture of all systems, applications, and their dependencies with zero configuration.


• Advanced Triaging—Quickly diagnose and pinpoint problems across the network, web, application, middleware, virtualization, database, and storage tiers.


• Service Improvement—Understand performance trends and correlated behaviors across the entire application delivery chain.


• Enhanced User Experience—Gain

deep visibility into end-user experience.


• Proactive Early Warning—Locate

small problems before they become major disasters.


• Capacity Planning—Get a complete

picture of what is happening in your environment for smarter capacity planning and decommissioning of legacy



• Application Mapping—Reduce risk for new application deployments delays by examining interdependencies and readiness prior to deployment.

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