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Cyber Security

  • QuanticEvents Gatewatcher, Advanced Intrusion Detection Solution

  • nPulse IT Forensics Platform CPX/nSpectorIT

  • Integration services with customer SIEM, DNS platforms such as Fire Eye, …..

  • Consulting services, specialized technical assistance for Forensic Analysis


The development of the global information society is advancing at a fast pace. More complex and rapid information technology systems are taking over ever more widespread tasks; and the risks have also increased considerably. In order to minimise the risks associated with the use of information technology, security functions must be an integral part of modern information technology.


The Internet is increasingly becoming weaponized for the purposes of data exfiltration and sabotage. Individual Nation States and Independent Nationless actors are all engaged in this arena. A true 0 Day threat can only be addressed by understanding the threat in its full life cycle, and in context. From there, a truly integrated system must be able to marshal its defenses in a seamless and systematic manner to address the threat and respond. There is no “silver bullet,” but there is a truly integrated system capable of responding.

We offer leading edge solutions for Cyber Security in the BIG DATA environment, the next generation “must have” elements to secure fast and effective response to Cyber Attacks.

Our offer:


Gatewatcher, Advanced Intrusion Detection Solution

The security market has experienced in recent years revelations have confirmed that the most important attacks do not come from mere pirates; Today’s attacks are coming from foreign powers, government agencies or private companies.
The consequences are important and we realize, perhaps too late, that the protection of information assets is a major problem. Many contracts have been lost because of a massive espionage and many technologies are already copied. The notion of the OIV (Organisation of 'Vital Importance) shows that our infrastructure must be protected and we need to invest coordinated efforts by all parties concerned.


We note however that cyber defense relies on incorrect misfits paradigms and practices:

  • Too confident in the security products used regularly

  • It is too admitted that the "friends" dont attack "friends"

  • A strict view of how a targeted attack takes place


GATEWATCHER is an innovative solution for detecting vulnerabilities and threats (Breach Detection System or BDS)
GATEWATCHER allows the detection of "advanced intrusion" APT




  • GATEWATCHER embeds an exclusive multi-engine APT detection technology

  • GATEWATCHER brings an unparalleled level of performance and relevance in detection

  • Global approach (Approximation) of an assault driven from the initial gap up to the persistence.

  • Real time treatment of files and payload.

  • Exclusive technologies of treatment of the codified shellcodes and multi codified.

  • Multi engine technologies that avoids the sandbox, an unclose level of detection.

  • Superior performance in acquisition (network drivers pfring)

  • Analysis up to 10 Gb / (40 Gb / in process of qualification),

  • Deploying plug & play and multi-user approach (SOC, Safely team, I & R, Forensic)

APT course of an attack without GATEWATCHER

APT course of an attack with GATEWATCHER

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